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Electric vans offer eco-friendly transportation solutions, emitting zero tailpipe emissions. They typically have lower operating costs and reduced maintenance needs compared to traditional vans. With advancements in battery technology, range anxiety is decreasing, making them viable for various delivery and commercial applications.

What is an EV?

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Electric Vehicles are powered by a battery and an electric motor. The battery is charged via an external charging point. As there is no fuel used, EVs are zero emissions vehicles.

What is the difference between an EV and a PHEV?

What is a Hybrid (HEV)?

Can I get an electric van?

Are Electric Vans Worth It?

How do I know if an Electric Van is right for me?

Government Incentives

Do Electric Vans have Road Tax?

Are Electric Vans Exempt from Clean Air Zones?

What is the Plug-In Vehicle Grant?

Do I apply for the Plug-In Vehicle Grant?

Are there Grants available to help with Electric Charging costs?


How do you charge an Electric Van?

Can you explain the types of EV charger?

Can I get a charger installed at my home?

Why are charging times worked out to 80%?

How do I charge at a public charge point?

Is it more expensive to fuel a diesel van or charge an electric van?


What does Range mean?

What is the standard Range of an Electric Van?

What affects the range of an Electric Van?

What is Range Anxiety?

Will a full charge get me as far as a full tank of diesel?


Are electric vans really better for the environment?

What are emissions?

What do CAZ, ZEZ and ULEZ mean?

What are green credentials?

What does Net Zero 2035 mean?

Driving an EV

What is the biggest difference when driving an EV?

Are EVs Manual or Automatic transmission?

What is Regenerative Braking?

What is Torque?

How do I maximise my range when driving?

EV Leasing

Are Electric Vans Cheaper than Diesel?

Is Electric Van Insurance Higher?

Do Electric Vans Depreciate Faster?

How do I lease an Electric Van?

Is leasing an electric van cheaper than buying?

Warranty and Maintenance

What is a Warranty?

What about the battery?

How Long will an Electric Van last?

Do I need to get an MOT on my electric van?

Am I responsible for Maintenance?